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FAQ - Our Story

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O U R    S T O R Y

Co. Men is a Melbourne-based brand with a direct approach to fashion. As co-founders, we share strong passions in building a brand that will deliver not only functionality but the best materials enclosed by a suave design. Established in early 2017, Co. Men began with a vision to possess the same quality and customer service that the big luxury brands hold, without the markups and outdated retail model. After debuting our brand on a crowdfunding platform resulting in two overwhelmingly successful campaigns, Co. Men has grown into a global brand - our products are living in over 30 countries around the world. Today, we work in a small team in assisting Co. Men’s growth, our vigilant quality assurance and the drive for excellent customer service remains to be the core value of our brand. Come join us on our journey and discover more premium accessories in our upcoming collection.
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Socheata Sun & Wk Phan

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Co. Men Zip Card Holder

CM Classic Watch