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FAQ - Zip Cardholder

W H Y    T H E    C O.    M E N    Z I P   C A R D H O L D E R

A F F O R D A B L E   L U X U R Y

W i t h    o u r    t h o u g h t f u l l y    d e s i g n e d    p r o d u c t s ,
w e    t h i n k    y o u   e q u a l l y    d e s e r v e   t h o u g h t f u l    p a c k a g i n g .

- Retail price $400.00 AUD
- Standard Design
- Minimal Storage
- No RFID Protection
- No Zip compartment
- Susceptible to scratches

- Retail price $60.00 AUD
- Genuine Saffiano Leather
- Holds up to 10 cards
- RFID Protection
- Secure Zip compartment
- Scratch Resistant

Unlike standard cardholders, The Co. Men Zip Cardholder is the most versatile and thoughtful accessory you will ever own. Our design, colour and information is the sole communicator of our brand essence.
We start with genuine saffiano leather lined with RFID protection, ensuring a long-lasting cardholder that always keeps your information secure.
Unlike standard cardholders, we add a unique zip compartment, so your loose items such as coins and keys will never get lost again.
Lastly, we make sure that the finish is slim and compact, helping you stay organised. Discover the Co. Men difference for yourself.

C A R R Y   M E T H O D S

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